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Laptop and Computer Maintenance Melbourne Wide

Computer & Laptop Maintenance

Laptop and Computer Maintenance Melbourne Wide

Worried about what might be happening to your laptop? Do you have questions about your laptop computer and need help with how to take care of it? If so, we will make a world of difference to the biggest problems by performing laptop maintenance.

Improve your work productivity with a computer that is running at maximum efficiency. Proper maintenance for your computers will also help reduce the chances of a hard disk failure where you may lose access to all your precious files and data. With premium customer service and a wealth of knowledge, let Laptop King help you get the health of your computers back on track.


Battery issues

Laptops are easy to use so one of the first steps is to remove any misconceptions there may be around things like battery usage.

Laptop battery replacements are common, and almost required after a few years of heavy usage.
Laptop Kings recommend not constantly having the charger connected, as the heat is not healthy. Let it discharge a little before plugging it back in every so often.
We know this is not always possible, but that's why we're here in Melbourne to replace your laptop battery.
WARNING:Ā  Lithium batteries can be explosive when damaged, If your battery is swollen or overheating a lot please stop using and unplug the Laptop immediately. Failure to do so may result in fire or injury.

Overheating laptop

Speaking of overheating in batteries, there are a few reasons you may be running hot.

You may have a noisy laptop fan. Whether it's failing or needs a deep clean, we can clean out and re-thermal paste your laptop and replace the fan if needed so you can get back to business!

The longer it runs hot, the higher risk of damage you run. Remember to keep it away from dusty environments unless it's receiving semi-regular cleaning.

Liquid spills.

Turn it off. Unplug it immediately.
Don't try to turn it back on until it has been looked at.
Things like liquid spills might actually short-circuit the laptop and damage the motherboard.
One thing that you can try is removing the battery immediately and to dry it as much as you can before having it serviced and looked at so that we can help you try to save it.
If it was turned off and you follow this advice, you have around an 80% chance of saving it.
If it was on when it got wet and turned off, that drops to 50% - a cleanout may help, or it should still be repairable.
If you continue trying to turn it on afterwards, it may be as little as 5% chance even after we've cleared the visible corrosion. Every power attempt is further damage.

Viruses and Malware

Even the best protection slips up sometimes when a brand new bug is found. They slow you down, and even worse they can compromise your information or even lock you out entirely.
If you have a laptop with a virus in Melbourne, bring it in so we can take it out.
From keyloggers to ransomware, spyware and worms, we will tackle any software issue head on.

Get an experienced technician for your computer and laptop maintenance

If your laptop is running slow then it could be due to software, malware and virus issues, or multiple forms of physical issue. But how do you identify which of these things it is? At Laptop Kings, we are experts in diagnosis so you get the most out of your device. Contact us today for a free quote or call us at 03 9070 3924.

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Computer & Laptop Maintenance